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Food Packaging

Key features of CALF™

Quality, Quality and Quality!

Quality standards are the absolute benchmarks in the food and packaging industry. Quality is about safety, delivering on a promise and meeting the customer expectations. CALF™ allows you to keep multiple checklists for quality – planning, assurance, control, and improvement.

Furthermore, with CALF™ you can provide the necessary off the job training by uploading Course Modules on quality control standards and policies, preventive maintenance, inventory, and warehouse management etc.

Recruitment at Scale

Hiring quality employees helps your company run and grow and is crucial for a rapidly growing food packaging industry. CALF™ allows you to conduct personality tests, behavioral assessments, remote work assessments at scale using the native iOS and Android Mobile apps.

Additionally, the assessment engine incorporates video proctoring to ensure that there is no plagarism or cheating involved.

Managing KPIs - Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are important for your business because they keep objectives at the forefront of decision making. With CALF™, participants get feedback from their managers/supervisors and peers quickly and can read just appropriately (CALF™ is an acronym for Continuous Application of Learning Feedback). Real-time tracking of participant’s progress and its impact on employee performance and business outcomes are readily available. Learning outcomes are measured and validated by their managers or supervisors. Business impact of the KPI is available at the click of a button. Additionally, ROI of leadership training can be calculated if needed.

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Is CALF™ right LMS for business?

Yes, CALF™ comes with inbuilt features like integration with video conferencing tools and assessments by supervisors to meet these requirements.

Yes, CALF™ supports the creation of users under specific clients and also segregates the cohort/batch creation process to allow you this flexibility.


Yes, CALF™ supports the creation of a marketplace for your content along with a payment gateway and features like coupons, discounts, subscription plans, etc.

Yes, CALF™ allows you the flexibility to tag users per their job roles, location, etc, and create assignment rules.


Yes, CALF™ supports the creation of microlearning nuggets using flashcards that can be accessed by users on the go.

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