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Key features of CALF™

Training and Certification

Training of Medical professionals is extremely crucial and essential to deliver quality healthcare and customer service. With CALF™, you have the flexibility to design your assessments in a practical and meaningful way – using automatic and manual assessment frameworks.

We also understand that your trainees may not get everything right the first time – so you have a way to manage the number of attempts of a candidate and decide whether they are ready to be promoted to the next level. At every level, candidates are issued certificates that inform them of their achievements and progression.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

If you are a healthcare worker in any capacity, then you know that Standard Operating Procedures are the most important elements in providing quality care at your healthcare facility. From the most intricate surgeries to the mundane daily cleaning tasks, everything at a hospital needs to follow procedure and be monitored using checklists. CALF™ comes equipped with a powerful and adaptable Checklists feature that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Digital Notice Board for the staff

You need to present information to all your staff members in a way that it is easily interpreted and not missed by anyone. In CALF™ you can create a digital board for all reminders which allows you to post important information and upcoming tasks/events. The system comes equipped with push-up notifications which remind you of your alerts on medication, flags and reminders, consultation, and diagnosis reports, all things that are “soooooo” important to get things done at your healthcare facility.

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Is CALF™ right LMS for business?

Yes. You can design and manage certificates within CALF.  You can enable course completion certificates and assign external certificates. You can enable Re-certification of users.

Yes. You can create courses with multiple conditions on access and there are reports and analytics to manage compliance to SoPS.


Yes. You have the flexibility to set up competencies and evaluate them using tools like Assessments and checklists to manage competency-wise training.


Yes. You can reuse the same course content across multiple cohorts and batches. This gives you the ability to create location-wise users and administrators.

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