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Demonstrate the business impact of your learning programs and scale up your business.

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    Key features of CALF™

    Demonstrate Business Impact

    We know that your clients quiz you about the business impact of your training programs.

    With CALF™, you get ways to track behavioral change using the LAP (Learning Application Post) and measure the Business Impact of your training programs. This allows you to demonstrate ROI to your clients easily.

    Monetize your Learning Assets using E-commerce

    Monetize your content using CALF™’s marketplace and scale up your training business by growing your learners &  revenues. The all-in-one marketplace allows you to manage your courses & payments and gives you total control over your content.

    Schedule and Manage your Training Events & Notifications

    Spend time on what matters to you & leave everything else to us. With CALF™, you can easily manage, schedule, and deliver dozens of learning sessions and events, whether medical instructor-led, self-paced, &  virtual. Use the powerful email engine & in-app notifications to keep your learners informed automatically about all upcoming tasks and events. And yes! Zoom, GoToTraining, GoToMeeting, Google Meet  and Microsoft Teams  – we support them all.

    All invitations land in your Outlook or Gmail Inboxes automatically!

    Manage Attendance & Certification

    CALF™ allows you to easily capture the attendance of your learners for all your training sessions & generate attendance reports with the click of a button. Design, Manage & Assign certificates automatically to your learners once they complete their training sessions.

    Client Specific Reporting

    CALF™ has roles that matter to you as a training professional. Now your client representatives can control who attends which program and receive progress reports of participants automatically.

    Talk to us, we’ll do the rest.

    Our customers speak

    Is CALF™ right for your professional training and coaching business?

    CALF™ supports all types of training – Instructor-Led events, Virtual events, Self-paced events & Blended learning.

    Yes, using CALF™’s eCommerce marketplace you can easily sell courses and collect payments via your Paypal or Stripe account.

    Yes. Contents can be stored and managed from CALF™. The platform supports a wide range of contents from videos, audio, documents, external links, and SCORM files.

    CALF™ has over 30+ types of reports readily available & you can also customize the reports to suit your requirements.

    Absolutely! You can assign a certification to a course. When your learner completes the course, CALF™will automatically generate certificates for the learner.

    Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, Google Meet, and more. We keep adding more tools regularly, so check in with us if your specific tool is supported. 

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