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    Key features of CALF™

    Measure Social Impact

    Measure Social Impact

    Metrics and reports are the best way to show stakeholders the value of your training interventions. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your efforts by leveraging various features that help determine the behavioral and social impact. Generate advanced reporting for impact analysis and tie learnings to outcomes.

    Enable Effective Learning at Scale

    We make scalable digital transformation a reality for the entire Not for Profit ecosystem. For organizers, our system is a one-stop solution for designing, delivering and managing training interventions for large distributed learners. For learners, we offer an intuitive, user-friendly app, including microlearning capabilities that are easy to digest and retain.


    Enable Effective Learning at Scale
    Drive Engagement

    Drive Engagement

    Our system is designed to ensure deep engagement, course completion, and social learning. 

    Interactive discussion forums and the ability to share information help build a community.  

    Features like gamification, just-in-time learning, and microlearning create an immersive journey.

    Deliver Mobile-first, Personalized Learning

    Ensure a wider reach with native mobile apps in Android and iOS that can be adopted easily. Deliver your learning resources fast and automatically. CALF™ offers multi-language content and support to find acceptance in the remotest areas. Create a personalised learning journey for users based on their skill and comfort level, with the option of blended learning deliveries. 

    Deliver Mobile-first, Personalized Learning

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    Is CALF™ right for your NGO or CSR?

    CALF™ has over 30+ types of reports readily available & you can also customize the reports to suit your requirements. This enables you to easily measure learning outcomes, generate impact reports, and slice and dice reports.

    CALF™ offers local and multi-lingual support to boost reach. Currently, It supports - Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, German, English, Bengali, Hindi, and Assamese. 

    CALF™ supports all types of training - Instructor-Led events, Virtual events, Self-paced events & Blended learning. It enables synchronous and asynchronous learning along with both online and offline assessments.

    The system empowers you to author and deliver microlearning courses.  You can create your own flashcards and content with videos, audio, and images to share easily with all stakeholders.

    The system is auto-scalable, robust and secure. It has so far successfully handled 25,000 concurrent users. 

    Learning activities can be gamified using points, badges, certificates, leaderboards, and infographics via our CALF™ LMS. 

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