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    Key features of CALF™

    Rapid on-boarding in multiple store locations

    You run a retail company in a world that is dynamic and fast paced. You need to keep your recruitment up-to-date and deliver the best products and services to your customers.

    You also need the help of a platform to rapidly onboard new hires at multiple stores simultaneously. With CALF™’s mobile apps, you can onboard thousands of employees easily and at scale, worldwide.

    Compliance & Safety Training

    Security & Safety Training are critical elements of any retail chain. Using CALF™’s native mobile apps on Android and iOS, employees are easily able to comply and complete the certification requirements before they are on-boarded as part of the retail chain’s front office.

    Additionally, the assessment engine incorporates video proctoring to ensure that there is no plagiarism or cheating involved.

    Career progression and Career path

    Employees can easily use CALF™ for their Career progression and Career paths. These features help improve the performance of the employee using a competency framework to help them learn skills and enhance their careers.

    Career Paths identifies gaps in the employees’ competency and recommends a learning path as part of their career progression.

    Just-in-Time Virtual Training

    Retail chains constantly change merchandise, standard operating procedures, and offerings. Employees need to be continuously trained on all of these elements from time to time.

    With Nuveda’s mobile apps for the facilitator and the participants, retail chains can easily deploy their content and methodology across locations around the world using our integrated virtual classrooms with Zoom, Google Meet and Web Ex.

    Micro-Learning using Flashcards

    Typically, a front office salesperson may have little to no time for training because of the demands of the customers and the sales targets they are expected to reach. To help with this issue, retail chains can leverage the micro-learning authoring capability that is embedded within CALF™ to train their distributed workforce. Authoring a flashcard is as easy as writing a Microsoft Word document. We make it simple, and we guarantee the delivery.

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