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With growing internet connectivity, 24-hour television, and rising smartphone penetration, there has been an exponential increase in the creation and consumption of information. Consequently, traditional learning methods favoring large and detailed chunks of information are not as effective for today’s learners. 

Microlearning has attracted worldwide attention in recent years for various reasons. It is a highly effective way of learning new skills, gathering information, and retaining and applying that knowledge. It offers far-reaching benefits across various industries, ranging from higher retention and better learning outcomes to remote learning possibilities and cost efficiency over traditional learning. 

The availability of robust AI-powered microlearning platforms like the CALF LMS as desktop software programs and mobile applications allows for a vast range of learning opportunities. With microlearning, you can leverage digital media to deliver short snippets of content for upskilling employees and improving business outcomes in various industries/verticals!

Microlearning In Global Industries

The following table gives a brief overview of the various industries that can benefit from microlearning and the ways CALF LMS enhances the process:

Industries Challenges/Requirements Microlearning solutions Suitable CALF features
Training -Better learning outcomes

– Higher retention

– Learner engagement

Bite-sized, easily manageable and digestible content, mobile learning 
  • Efficient personalized delivery of relevant content
  • accessibility on mobile devices
Compliance – Retention 


-Higher completion rates

-Training flexibility

Different course delivery formats for engaging and sticky learning experiences, supplement core compliance courses
  • Customizable course deliveries with different media formats
  • mobile accessibility on iOS, Android, and web
Retail -Overwhelming training content

-Time-consuming learning

Easily-digestible learning chunks, on the go accessibility
  • Mobile-first on-the-go learning
Manufacturing and Logistics -Challenging for all the employees to complete the necessary training in time due to individually varying learning pace, -Consequently delayed industrial function Regular training on only the relevant concepts to help them learn on time and produce immediate results
  • Customizable learning journeys (self-paced, instructor-led, blended, virtual)
  • slice-and-dice completion reports
BFSI -Constant delivery of varied information to the clients for value conversations and enhanced workflow Just-in-time learning bites on vital industry topics for communicating value to the prospects and clients
  • Industry-relevant details available at fingertips
  • Important content delivered within minutes
Telecom  -Instant and regular assistance to global customers speaking different languages, using varied solutions, and having all kinds of queries Relevant and readily available content that makes the employees competent and enhances their customer service and satisfaction
  • Content delivery at a large scale to big user volumes within minutes
  • multi-lingual support
Healthcare  -Nurse turnover

-Patient no-show

-Timely training for medical reps 

Accessible, relevant, and timely learning for nurses, concise explanation for patients through different media formats
  • easily accessible content bites in various formats 
  • timely learning delivery
Hospitality -Less engagement and retention in the bulky and text-heavy courses Videos and infographics for easy content processing, quizzes for better engagement
  • Automatic certification, quizzes, assessments, and surveys
  • Gamification, badged, and rewards for learner motivation and engagement

Let us explore these industrial benefits in detail:

When learners get all the long-form content at once, they might get overwhelmed, and their interaction with the information is compromised. The content often exceeds the learners’ working memory capacity and leads to uncertainty in the learning outcomes. NuVeda’s microlearning enables them to absorb and retain information easily by making the content more manageable and digestible. 

It can further help reinforce learning with follow-ups and reminders to enhance the existing training module, webinar, or instructor-led experience. Practice exercises, quizzes, surveys, assessments, flashcards, and small summary videos at the end of the sessions can help the learners refresh their acquired knowledge and remind them to use their new skills.

Compliance training is essential to understand the organizational policies, procedures, and regulations/guidelines. Though essential, such courses can often be dry and structured in a prescribed and tedious format. CALF microlearning can make compliance training more interesting and immersive and enhance its overall impact.

It offers learners the flexibility to access the content across various devices on the go. Short videos can help connect with the learners and introduce and build awareness about the content and its significance. Post-learning summaries with infographics and key takeaways (checklists, guidelines, best practices) can supplement and reinforce the training.

The course deliveries can be self-paced, instructor-led, virtual, or blended, making learning more flexible and customizable. Rich media formats like audio, images, documents, and especially videos help present the content more effectively and increase retention rates.

Retail employees need to assist customer purchases, identify their needs, demonstrate the products and merchandise, process payments, record sales, and wrap the purchases/arrange delivery. During training, broad information can act as a deterrent and be counter-productive. AI-powered personalized recommendations give them just-in-time targeted content deliveries for specific instructions. This way, they can focus on one thing at a time and retain the information better.

Moreover, their work profile includes a wide range of tasks, from assisting the customers and processing their payments to organizing the sales floors and answering queries. It is often hard for them to dedicate time to lengthy learning content. With microlearning, the content is bite-sized and available across mobile devices. Hence, they can access the information anywhere, on the go, and at their own pace. 

The training required for employees in the manufacturing and logistics industry must be thorough and complete to ensure smooth functioning and meet safety standards. Every employee can’t learn all general industry concepts (like manufacturing practice, safety administration, quality standards, etc.) at the same pace. 

Microlearning with NuVeda can aid the effective functioning of the industrial procedures by providing regular, bite-sized training on more specific industry-relevant concepts like handling the machinery, operational methods, important do’s and don’ts, etc., for immediate results. 

The banking and financial services are crucial for any industry, and the demand for BFSI services is unceasing. Employees must constantly deliver specific information to their clients, especially regarding policies, norms, updates, products, selling points, regulations, etc. 

CALF’s microlearning can offer them specific, rapid, and relevant information and knowledge instantly. The easily digestible information nuggets on particular topics like product details, client eligibility, compliance, etc., help the employees drive high-value conversations with their clients. This further helps them enhance their customer service as they can access the information they need whenever they want.

NuVeda’s LMS offers BFSI employees flexible learning tools like infographics, videos, interactive PDFs, etc. This gives them more control over their learning and enables them to remember better. 

An industry as diverse and constantly evolving as telecom faces various challenges in learning and development. To cater to the varied needs of its growing global workforce, the industry’s employees require real-time learning that can be implemented quickly and customized as per their requirements.

Telecom deals with millions of subscribers from different geographical regions, speaking different languages, using various products and customized solutions. Hence, the industry’s operational tasks are very complex, and face-to-face assistance with every customer is impossible. Tasks like order fulfillment, payment, invoicing, service configuration, customer interaction, call etiquette, listening skills, resolving queries, etc., need the employees to be regularly upskilled. 

They must address the customers’ issues quickly and accurately and deliver instant, empathetic assistance, often from home. Microlearning helps them tackle this problem by providing relevant short information when needed. 

Both new recruits and experienced employees across different industry subsidiaries can be quickly familiarized with the changing industry trends, regulations, and procedures. All of this makes learning more systematic and also time and cost-efficient.

Moreover, AI-powered eLearning platforms like CALF LMS offer regular, personalized learning deliveries in multiple languages (Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, German, English, Bengali, Assamese, Kannada, Hindi, etc.) on the go. Its mobile learning availability across various devices can help employees enhance their customer service and satisfaction from home, allowing the industry to scale its learning to an unlimited number of employees.

Just like any other industry, healthcare professionals need to constantly upskill and upgrade their knowledge to comply with the changing regulations, procedures, and technologies in the medical field. Conventional training is ineffective for this industry’s dispersed workforce that needs evolving and contextual learning content.

Watching short microlearning videos on their mobile devices can help healthcare professionals gather and update relevant knowledge quickly between duty hours without having to sit through lengthy classroom training. Issues like nurse turnover, often caused due to lack of training and formal onboarding can be effectively reduced with regular and timely microlearning courses.

Many patients often worry about their scheduled procedures as they are unfamiliar with what to expect. To prevent this, healthcare professionals can leverage microlearning to familiarize their patients with their scheduled procedures or treatments before the appointments to help ease their minds. Short videos and images can explain their ailments, medications/treatments, procedure steps, post-procedural care, and lifestyle changes.

There are several drugs released by the pharmaceutical industry every year. Medical representatives must be trained in all the relevant details about the medications and their functions. Microlearning provides them with easily accessible content they can go through whenever they have time, without disrupting their work.

 Moreover, microlearning simplifies and hastens the onboarding of pharma employees. They can train with short, interactive content nuggets, complemented by quizzes and gamification for engagement. They can easily be made aware of good laboratory and clinical practices, medical guidelines, different drugs and their actions, safety, sanitization, etc.

Text-heavy hospitality courses often lead to the learners simply skimming through important content. This compromises the learners’ engagement and retention as well. Microlearning replaces heavy text with video, audio, and infographics. 

With platforms like CALF LMS, automatic course certification can act as rewards for the learners to keep them engaged and striving to achieve more. Detailed completion reports on specific training aspects can provide learners with some healthy competition without compromising on the vital learning content.

Quizzes, assessments, and surveys help break the monotonous training rhythm and encourage learners to think and apply their new-found knowledge. This keeps them engaged throughout the learning and celebrates their progress with the badges or scores. They can access the courses at their leisure and pace, which puts less pressure on them and enhances their performance.

Microlearning has been disrupting learning and development in various industries around the globe. With an increasing demand for remote and accessible training across verticals and a growing need for skill-based training with immediate results, it is safe to say that microlearning’s global pervasion has just begun! 

To know more about leveraging this effective and efficient mode of training and how CALF LMS can help enterprises implement it, talk to our learning expert or schedule a demo.

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