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    Is Nu360 Feedback right for you?

    Yes, and you get 5 candidate reports for free.

    Yes, and very easily. The appropriate questions and reports can be easily customized as per your requirements.

    The Nu360 Feedback tool may be used before and after Management and Leadership Programs. Additionally, it may also be used as part of a performance appraisal process.

    Yes. The respondent’s names do not appear on the report so the feedback remains anonymous.

    Once all the respondents have completed the questionnaire a report may be instantly generated.

    Yes, absolutely. Your company logos will appear in the survey itself, as well as the emails and the reports.

    Yes, it works on all sorts of modern devices by making use of a responsive design. 

    The Nu360 degree feedback questionnaire provides a comprehensive view of the subject and helps in assessing the subject from multiple dimensions and perspectives.

    Typically, Every 6 – 12 months should be sufficient to give employees time to implement their personal development plans.

    You have up to 1 year to generate your reports.

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