CALF™ is a simple methodology and platform for data collection, validation and measurement that helps all participants in the learning process.

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How CALF™ Works

Flow chart of continous application of learning

Sample Metrics


Revenue and lead conversion metrics, Lead progression metrics, Behavior and Attitude metrics.


Management Effectiveness metrics, Balanced Scorecard metrics.


Idea conversion metrics, Balanced Scorecard Metrics.


Effective communication metrics, 360 view perspective metrics.

Customer satisfaction metrics

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) metrics, NPS (Net Promoter Score), Productivity & Cost Savings metrics.

Project management Metrics

Project Management Effectiveness Metrics such as On time Delivery, Accurate Delivery of milestones, Customer Perspective Metrics.

Team Effectiveness Metrics

Team Effectiveness metrics, Productivity and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) metrics.

Productivity Metrics

Technical and Behavioral metrics, Productivity metrics.

Custom LMS features

Course Authoring

Course Authoring

Load any kind of content – docs, pdfs, ppts, excel, videos, audio's, you tube links.



Specify badges and points system to get online learners to achieve better results!

Measure Learning Impact

Measure Learning Impact

Learning Application Posts or Implementations measure L4 metrics. Get 180 degree feedback. Star Rate and comment.

Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics

Metrics, Balance Scorecard, Reports and Charts available to help you make smart business decisions

Multiple Customer and Batches

Service Multiple Customers and Batches

Groups control access to Learning Programs. Create one Learning Program and assign to multiple groups

Custom Mails /Emailers

Compose – Schedule Custom Mails

Groups control access to Learning Programs. Create one Learning Program and assign to multiple groups

Quizzes – Surveys – Assessments

Quizzes – Surveys – Assessments

Choose between Free Text questions, Multiple choice or Likert metrics. Tabular and Graphical Reports available

360 Surveys

In HR terminology 360 Surveys (or multi-rater/multi-source surveys) is feedback that comes from the members of an employee's immediate work circle. Most often, 360-degree feedback will include direct feedback from an employee's subordinates, peers (colleagues), supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation. It can also include, in some cases, feedback from external sources, such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders.

360 Surveys of Nuveda Learning Pvt Ltd

Competencies and Reports

Analysis and Planning

The ability to take in a range of information, think things through logically and plan for the future.

Decisive Team Leadership

The ability to lead a team by using knowledge, experience and expertise to make rapid and effective decisions.

Business Focus

The ability to take action and make a decision based on a good understanding of the current or future needs of the organisation.

Decision Making & Judgment

Makes timely, informed decision that takes into account the facts, goals, constraints and risks.

People Management

The ability to understand people and their motivations, build good relationship with them and achieve results through theefforts of others as well as your own.

Coaching for Performance

The ability to help others achieve more through feedback, instruction & encouragement.

Impact and Influence

The ability to make others listen and understand what you are saying and persuade them into following a course of action using both emotional and rational arguments.

Initiative & Taking Ownership

Takes on responsibility and accountability for tasks and actions.

Builds Relationships

The ability to build rapport and maintain long term relationships.