Learning Culture Survey

A learning culture is a set of organizational values, conventions, processes, and practices that encourage individuals—and the organization as a whole—to increase knowledge, competence, and performance.

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What is the Learning Culture Metric (LCM)?

LCM is a metric that ranges from 1-10 and which gives a measure of the Learning Culture in an organization.

How is it calculated?

We calculate the metric based on a set of 15 questions that measure Organization-wide Learning, Team Learning and Personal Learning.

Is the Learning Culture Survey FREE?

YES- it is completely FREE for individuals. For organizations, there is a fee - please contact [email protected] for more details.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

It will take no more than 7-8 minutes to complete the survey.

What do I get for it?

You get a report specific to your organization, and its comparison with others. You may view a sample report online after you complete the survey.

How does the LCM help an organization?

Today, Learning is a competitive advantage, for organizations and sales teams. LCM helps organizations measure an organization or team's competitiveness and how one can move the learning needle by 10% or 20%. Understanding LCM helps organizations stay competitive in the marketplace.

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