CALF™ Micro

Generate revenues by creating Mobile-ready Flashcards with CALF™ Micro!

What are Flashcards?

These are just-in-time learning cards with a mix of pictures & words that simplify complex concepts using bite-sized nuggets. This solves the problem of information overload by providing short, concentrated, and engaging content to learners directly on their smartphones when they need it most.

CALF™ Micro allows you to:

  • Generate revenues using Marketplace.
  • Create your content
  • Add images, videos & audios
  • Create and tell the story in local languages
  • Add quiz/survey
  • Learn anywhere, anytime

Generate revenues using Marketplace

Integrate CALF™ Micro with our Marketplace and reach hundreds of thousands of people by posting your courses online on our Marketplace.

Create your Content

Using CALF™ Micro, you can create your own content and courses and can share it with your employees, clients & customers. You can add videos directly from Youtube or Vimeo or upload one directly from your desktop.

Add images, videos & audios

CALF™ Micro's browser-based flashcard maker lets you easily create flashcards with videos, audios & images. We also have a library of 1000+ icons to suit your need.

Create and tell the story in local languages

C Create a story using your imagination with CALF™ Micro in your local languages and share it with your employees, clients & customers with just one click. It can be anything from how to wash the hands to how to follow social distancing in the workspace or operating a complex machine.

Add quiz/survey

You can create a quiz or survey using CALF™ Micro, there are different question types available like multiple options, True or False & fill in the blanks to suit your needs.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Your users can access the flashcards and take the quiz from anywhere and at any time using our Andriod & iOS mobile apps.

Use cases

A leading e-commerce company with a large feet-on-street workforce uses CALF™ Micro to ensure adherence to the organization’s SOPs.

A leading training company uses CALF™ Micro to reinforce the learnings from the classroom after the learning event.

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